China bounced back in 2009

ChinaChina’s nonwovens industry achieved growth of almost 30% in 2009, according to the latest government figures.
The Association of China Textile Industry reports that the country’s nonwovens production was 1,309,817 tons in 2009 – the highest growth achieved in all sectors.
The production of textile fibres and yarns also bounced back to double-digit growth last year, with polyester fibre production up by 14.5% – an extra 2.2 million tons – to reach a total of over 22 million tons. Rayon production was also up by over 14%, with additional production boosting output to 1.5 million tons, while nylon fibre production growth was up by over 23% to almost 1.4 million tons.
The smaller fibre markets also grew. Acrylic production climbed to 684,000 tons, up almost 24%, and spandex to 203,000 tons, but polypropylene output was relatively flat, with 264,000 tons of production representing growth of just 1.5%.
China also produced a record 24,056,188 tons of spun yarn, growth of 12.7%. Within this figure is a surge of man-made fibre yarns – up by 20% to over three million tons.
Fabric and apparel production growth was less dynamic, with 56,743 million metres of fabric representing growth of 5.3% and 23,750 million pieces of apparel growth of almost 7%.

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