Perfect Nonwoven Polymer Substrates

Major breakthrough in the art of manufacturing fibrous nonwovens.


PR Log (Press Release)Mar 19, 2010 – SpinDynamics, Inc. (SDI), has a revolutionary breakthrough of a nonwoven, meltblown, fiber-making process.  SDI claims that their technology can make the perfect polymer substrates, webs and filter media.  Not to be outdone, the technology can also produce nanofibers at a very high production rate over electrospinning.  Additionally, unlike standard, conventional, meltblowing equipment, as fiber-producing orifices clog; the process can be easily compensated to automatically correct the basis weight.  Therefore, the efficiency and quality of the material is never compromised from beginning to end.

SDI is a newly formed company.  Being under capitalized, they are seeking assistance to further their development program.   According to SDI, there’s nothing in the industry that will be able to approach the quality of their nonwoven materials.

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