London packaging firm touts PET paint can


Posted March 16, 2010

LONDON (March 16, 12:01 a.m. ET) — London-based Plastic Can Co. is seeking licensees in North and South America for its patented, two-stage PET paint can.

The company’s PET paint can is made by two-stage reheat blow molding, unlike most others that are injection molded from polypropylene, which is claim cannot hold solvent-containing paints. PP containers, like traditional metal paint cans, are manufactured in one step and incur costs when the bulky containers are shipped to the paint filler.

PCC’s PET can handle both solvent- and water-based paint, with a crystal clear container. Injection molded preforms can be made centrally and then shipped and stored to the paint filling plant, where they are blow molded into finished cans.

The preforms are delivered with a ready-fitted handle, which clips onto the rim of the preform and remains in place during the reheat-blow process and paint filling.

PCC said the cans can be molded from post-consumer PET.

The company has developed a ring-pull lid so the lid can be removed by hand, without requiring a tool. The ring pull can be clipped back onto the lid for repeatable use.  Source

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