DuPont to introduce liquid Tyvek

House wrap can be applied with sprayer, roller…

The traditional version of Tyvek, which DuPont has sold since 1982, consists of sheets of nonwoven polyethylene fibers that are wrapped around a structure to keep out air and water, while letting moisture vapors through.

The liquid version, dubbed DuPont Tyvek Fluid Applied Weather Barrier System, will have the same abilities, company officials said.

It can be applied with a sprayer or roller, and offers the same energy-conserving benefits, the company reported.

The liquid version is ideal for buildings with odd angles, hard-to-wrap skyscrapers and hard-to-tackle concrete structures, said Tom Schuler, president of DuPont Building Innovations.

“A spray gives you lots more flexibility,” he said.

The product will first be made available for commercial buildings. It will emerge in early May starting in Texas, and will go national by early 2011, the company reported.

It will eventually reach the residential market, Schuler said.

There are other fluid-based building wraps, but company officials say their product has the highest vapor permeability and provides two to three times more coverage per gallon.

DuPont also says the product moves with the building, while competitive products form holes or crack over time.

The liquid-applied Tyvek also will stand up to sun exposure during a prolonged construction period, company officials said.

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