P&G semi-durable diaper patent

Patent2Disposable diapers with replaceable absorbent core components have now been patented by Procter & Gamble following a test marketing project last year.
The absorbent cores of the disposable articles disclosed in US Patent 7 670 324 can be replaced without having to remove the article from the wearer. The idea is that the soiled component of the absorbent core is removed through a backsheet aperture and replaced with a clean one – allowing for prolonged use of the semi-durable portions.
The replaceable absorbent core component is sandwiched between the topsheet and backsheet and configured so that access to it is gained by separating the topsheet and the backsheet in a predetermined area to form an opening.
This side-view illustration from the patent shows a disposable diaper (60) with an aperture (44) in the area of the rear panel (30). The aperture provides access into an chassis pocket which can be opened (5). The non-removable rectilinear centre section (50) as well as the front panel, which can also be similarly removable, are also discrete absorbent core components. The replaceable absorbent core components are in capillary liquid communication with the non-removable absorbent core components.
After the removal of a saturated back panel, for instance, a fresh, unused absorbent core component can be reinserted through the aperture. A flap (42), which is made of the same material used to make the backsheet (62), is provided to cover the aperture.
The flap is secured over the aperture by suitable fasteners (43), such as Velcro or adhesive strips, or could be sealed with releasable adhesive, providing for liquid impermeability when closed, but allowing for multiple openings and closings during use.

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