Oilguard absorbs oil, repels water

OilHeiQ Materials AG, the TWE Group and Beyond Surface Technologies have created an oil-absorbing nonwoven which may be of use in clearing the current oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
Oilguard is designed to be rolled out on beaches to absorb oil while simultaneously repelling water.
“Based on our previous product development work on super hydrophobic technologies for textiles, we have a unique know-how and understanding which we have now been able to rapidly turn into a product, Oilguard, that can play a role in helping to mitigate the serious problem in the Gulf of Mexico,” said Carlo Centonze, CEO of HeiQ.”
The fabric can be up to six yards wide and hundreds of yards long and the companies’ current production capacity corresponds to 20 miles of new beach protection every day.
“We are in the unique position that we are set-up to deliver large quantities of the Oilguard nonwoven fabric in virtually no time to any region in need of it,” said Jörg Ortmeier, CEO of TWE. “Currently we are in the process of organising live testing in collaboration with US authorities and will then be able to rapidly contribute to help mitigate the oil contamination of the coastline.”
Large-scale development tests of the Oilguard fabric are planned to take place in the coming weeks aiming at providing guidance to the relief workers who will ultimately use the product.
“We have received significant interest and support from US federal and political channels and we also seek to engage state authorities, local groups and NGOs to participate in this challenging beach rescue project,” said Centonze.

Source Nonwovenslive.com

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