Elastocon Develops First Oil-Free, Reduced COF TPEs for Wine and Bottle Corks and Cap Liners

ROCHESTER, IL – A new series of oil/plasticizer free, reduced COF thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) has been developed by Elastocon® TPE Technologies, Inc. They are expressly designed for the manufacture of synthetic corks for wine and cap liners for bottled beverages. The low COF (coefficient of friction) enables the cork to be removed from the bottle more easily than natural corks.

Elastocon lays claim to be the first TPE producer to offer an oil/plasticizer free formula for these applications and markets. In addition, the new Elastocon OF Series of TPEs are very high strength, offer excellent resilience and are formulated for easy removal from bottles. They are odorless and finished products can be printed and colored. They are FDA compliant and not only phthalate and latex free, but completely oil/plasticizer free.

The new elastomer formulations are available in hardness ranges from 60 to 80 Shore A, in small or large quantities. The elastomers are opaque natural in appearance. Elastocon can provide this TPE in any color of choice or in translucent natural for coloring by the molder prior to injection molding or extruding the final product. Company officials note that the use of colored synthetic corks gives marketers a unique opportunity to stand apart from their competitors.

At the present time, Elastocon offers the 2800 Series and 8000 Series of TPEs, The SMR Series of TPOs, the STK Series for overmolding, and alloys, all of which can be injection molded, extruded, blow molded or compounded. Elastocon thermoplastic elastomers do not require drying and are offered for applications that require rubber-like properties, impact resistance, colorability, a good surface finish, easy processability, reduced material usage and numerous other features and benefits. All Elastocon grades are free from latex, and are RoHS and California Proposition 65 compliant, with many of the company offerings being FDA compliant, as well as UL and NSF approvable, and are suitable for medical applications. Elastocon can provide ISO reporting for manufacturing and shipping. All grades are reclaimable and recyclable.

For more information on the new OF75 Series of TPEs for wine and other bottled beverage corks, contact:
Marketing Department,
Elastocon TPE Technologies, Inc.,
P.O. Box 463, Rochester, IL 62563.
Tel: 1-888-644-8732.
Fax: 217-498-8558.
E-mail: sales@elastocontpe.com.
Web: www.elastocontpe.com.

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