RPC Introduces New Packaging Solution for Wet Wipes Pails

RPC Containers Oakham has launched the final stage in its dedicated wet wipes packaging – a one-piece lid with integral fitment that offers improved practicality, logistics and aesthetics.

As previously reported, RPC Oakham has developed bespoke tooling to convert its standard pail into a lightweight model ideal for the needs of wet wipes customers. The redesigned lid completes this significant investment to give RPC Oakham an optimised solution for the bulk hygiene requirements of users such as hospitals and office buildings.

New lid  seals for wet wipes pails
New lid seals for wet wipes pails

Previously, RPC’s wipes lid required the delivery of a fitment manufactured at sister site RPC Market Rasen, which was then welded into the lid. According to Mark Seddon, General Sales Manager at RPC Oakham, the one-piece solution suits the needs of the marketplace better.

“Given increased awareness of diseases such as MRSA and swine flu, RPC’s wet wipes solution has been developed with hygiene foremost in our mind,” he explains. “The construction of the new lid provides a smoother surface with fewer dirt traps, ensuring there is less scope for germs to gather.”

The RPC Design Office worked closely with RPC Oakham’s Technical Department to ensure that the new lid is fit for purpose. Fully compatible with RPC Oakham’s 2.5 and 3 litre lightweight wet wipes pails, the 196 mm diameter lid features a fingerwell underneath the fitment to allow ease of opening. The amount of material has also been reduced to optimise pack weight and reduce the overall carbon footprint.

The latter aspect has been aided by the ability to manufacture the entire pack on-site – “a more efficient use of resources than transporting the fitment cross-country,” Mark Seddon points out.

RPC Oakham can also offer a greater flexibility in colour now that the fitment is integrated into the lid during manufacture, ensuring that customers’ branding needs can be met. This complements the variety of decorative options available on the pail itself, which includes both in-mould labelling (IML) and dry-offset printing.

“The addition of the new lid seals RPC Oakham’ wet wipes container as a total packaging solution, ideal for the needs of cleaning companies and healthcare trusts,” concludes Mark Seddon.

Source: http://www.rpc-group.com/

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