Compadre Expands Sustainable Packaging Options With Coconut Fiber-Based Technology

AUSTIN, Texas, July 27 /PRNewswire/ — Compadre, an Austin-based packaging design and engineering company, announces a collaboration with Whole Tree, Inc., an innovative green materials company founded by researchers at Baylor University. Together, the companies will develop packaging applications using Whole Tree’s composite material made in part from coconut fiber. The goal of the collaboration between Whole Tree and Compadre is to develop innovative, sustainable packaging materials that allow manufacturing companies to achieve eco-friendly solutions that don’t hurt the bottom line.

“Whole Tree is a great match with our corporate values,” says Darryl Kelinske, CEO of Compadre. “We are very excited to work with them, and we look forward to exploring sustainable packaging solutions utilizing Whole Tree materials.”

With Compadre’s packaging design, engineering and launch services, companies of all sizes can quickly implement unique, sustainable packaging solutions.  We are experts in helping manufacturers achieve high quality and improved sustainability without increasing packaging costs.

“In Compadre, we’ve found a licensing partner with a strong client base, an incredibly responsive team and packaging engineers with the knowledge and agility to help clients achieve their sustainability objectives,” says Blake Mosher, executive vice president of Whole Tree. “The business landscape is changing as more companies seek eco-friendly alternatives and innovations. Compadre knows the necessity of offering sustainable packaging products to help their multi-national clients face the challenges and risks of petroleum-dependent products.”

With this collaboration, Compadre will incorporate the use of Whole Tree’s technology of a natural fiber composite material made in part from coconut fiber. The material is strong and stiff, which allows Compadre to form the material into various shapes for packaging applications. When molded, the material is called Coir Form.

Dr. Walter Bradley, Distinguished Faculty at Baylor University and founder and chairman of Whole Tree, added, “The intrinsic properties of coir fiber are truly amazing.  It also has a natural burn resistance and natural resistance to mildew and microbial attack. Our material can be made with variable densities, which results in varying degrees of combinations of properties. This is important because as we learn what our clients need in sustainable materials, we can recommend solutions to meet their needs.”


Based in Austin, Texas, Compadre specializes in package design and engineering. Compadre also provides certified package testing and new product launch services. With locations in Austin, Dallas, Cincinnati and Nashville, Compadre provides the resources to integrate packaging solutions for large and small companies. Compadre has a materials neutral design philosophy with a focus on sustainable packaging solutions.  Compadre maintains relationships with the most demanding companies in the world, from regional companies to Fortune Global 500 corporations. Visit or contact Darryl Kelinske at


Whole Tree, Inc. creates sustainable innovations using renewable resources. Focusing initially on the constituent parts of the coconut, Whole Tree Inc.’s research team, working collaboratively with Dr. Walter Bradley and his team at Baylor University, have developed a non-woven fabric composite that uses up to 80% coconut fiber as a seamless replacement for currently used materials that are 100% petroleum based synthetic fibers. With a host of exciting additional, natural composite material innovations in its R&D pipeline, Whole Tree is positioned at the forefront of sustainable materials with applications for the automotive, construction, manufacturing and packaging industries. Whole Tree’s aim is to create innovations utilizing natural resources and thus benefit the livelihood of those in need, steward our planet’s precious resources and help clients achieve their sustainability objectives. Visit or contact Blake Mosher at

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