Solid success for NSC

Fibertex, Freudenberg Politex, Konus Konex and the Mattex Group are among the recent success stories for French machinery builder NSC Nonwoven, following the company’s successful showcases at this year’s IDEA show in Miami, and also at ITMA Asia + CITME in Shanghai.
NSC1 Fibertex has just finalised the purchase of another NSC ProDyn line, together with needleloom equipment from NSC for its plant in the Czech Republic.
This is the fifth ProDyn line NSC has supplied to the Fibertex group and includes the IsoProDyn system for ensuring uniformity across the fabric width.
Earlier this year Fibertex purchased another new needling line from NSC for its new South African operation. The wide-width production line includes the card, crosslapper, drafter, needlelooms and ProDyn weight control system.
Fibertex is establishing Fibertex South Africa together with Safyr (South African Fibre Yarn Rugs), a local South African partner. The aim of the company is to manufacture and market needlepunched products.  The manufacturing plant is located near Durban and has a competitive production system geared towards producing primarily geotextiles for road works, but also products for the growing South African automotive industry. It will also target applications in many industrial applications such as furniture, bedding and filtration.

NSC4 The Freudenberg Politex plant in Colmar, France specialises in roofing substrates and other technical spunbond products employing short fibres.
The company has contracted NSC to provide an A.50 RS Asselin needleloom replacing a previous generation of  A.25 looms for spunbond applications.
This latest-generation loom is able to run at a high production speed with continuous advance and will significantly increase productivity and reliability.
Freudenberg Politex has a total of seven production sites globally – three in Italy, one in Russia, one in the United States, one in Poland and the Colmar plant in France where all lines are equipped with Asselin needlelooms.
NSC3 Slovenia’s Konus Konex, meanwhile, plans to replace its current card with a new NSC Excelle model and is also adding a new crosslapper using the ProDyn system.
The investment will enable Konus Konex to strengthen it position as a major player in the fields of  filtration, wipes, synthetic leather, power transmission and conveyor belts markets.

Saudi upgrade
Earlier this year, Saudi Arabia’s Mattex Group, set up in 1997 as a maker of PP carpet backing,  established a new business unit for the marketing, sales and manufacturing of thermobonded needlepunched geotextile products.
NSC2 A new manufacturing plant will be located in Jubail near Dammam in Saudi Arabia and part of the production will be made on a state-of-the-art new NSC line.
Mattex Group has purchased the six-metre turnkey needling line from NSC, which includes the ProDyn weight control system with Excelle carding, a Dynamic crosslapper, batt and felt drafters, A.50 R needlelooms, heat setting and thermobonding systems all controlled by a SCADA system.

During ITMA Asia, NSC introduced its latest card design for inline spunlace lines. The Excelle card performances are drastically enhanced with the VarioWeb delivery design. It features a vertical LDS conveyor which collects downwards each of the three card webs.
Its keys advantages include high through-put with a single card. Less than five years ago, modern spunlacing lines included two cards to achieve a production capability of 180 m/min for a 55gsm wipe. Today, the market is requesting lighter and bulkier wipes. The Excelle VarioWeb card is capable of producing optimum 40gsm wipes with MD/CD ratios of less than 4/1, at a winder speed of 170 m/min, and at a very low investment cost. One Excelle card can now be as productive in square metres as two cards only five years old.
The Excelle card also requires less cleaning maintenance and is more reliable than other card designs. Thanks to its air management system, it can keep running for longer periods without wipe quality drop.  Cleaning can be performed easily and quickly thanks to its motorised frame opening design. The operator can then work with great efficiency in a limited amount of time.
The Excelle card with VarioWeb design has been already sold to many key players in the world and is currently available for demonstration in the Andritz Perfojet showroom in Montbonnot, France.

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