Huge new diaper plant earmarked for Thailand

Daio Paper Corporation, one of Japan’s leading paper and hygienic disposables manufacturers, is to build a new diaper manufacturing plant in Thailand.
Daio The plant, scheduled for start-up next year, will produce between 16 and 18 million diapers on a monthly basis and will require an investment of Yen 3 billion.
The company estimates the current demand for baby diapers in South East Asia to be between 400-500 million a month, with strong growth prospects of 10% or more per year.
Products from the new Thai plant will be exported to Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam and India, in addition to the domestic Thai market.
Daio Paper, which has overall annual sales of Yen 400 billion, expects the new plant to bosst the sales of its home and personal care division to an  annual Yen 160 billion – up 20% on its current performance – by 2013.

SOURCE: Nonwovens Live

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