Battery separator alliance

Japan’s Chisso Corporation, a leading producer of polypropylene fibres and spunbond nonwovens, is to enter into the lithium ion battery separator business in collaboration with US company Porous Power Technologies (PPT).
PPT is a specialist in development of lithium ion batteries for cars and intends to take advantage of Chisso know-how to produce a separator with both better capacity and longer life than existing polyolefin separators.
Combining of the both company’s know – how to produce effective separator beyond existing poly-olephin separator. PPT separator will improve not only battery electric capacity, but also to prolong battery life and its performance.
As part of the cooperative development, the companies aim to ensure that undesirable voltage and temperature fluctuations occur much less frequently in the battery cells – even under conditions of abusive overcharge and overheating.
“With this technology we expect to reduce the cost and improve the performance, efficiency and life of lithium-ion batteries, particularly for the large-format cells of all types of electric vehicles and stationary power applications,” said a Chisso spokesman.
Chisso The company has recently developed a new separator made of a single layer polyolefin with the thickness of 15-40 um and a porosity of more than 40%, with a good balance of rigidity and flexibility.
Chisso will initiate pilot-scale production and start provisional sales of this new product in March 2011, with the aim of full-scale production in 2012.

SOURCE: Nonwovens Live

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