Teknor Apex develops PLA masterbatches


Posted September 2, 2010

PAWTUCKET, R.I. (Sept. 2, 8:40 p.m. ET) — The bioplastics division of custom compounder Teknor Apex Co. has developed three new pelletized additive masterbatches designed to enhance the processing and end-use performance of polylactic acid bioresins.

One of the new alloys is designed to improve the impact resistance of PLA, a second to improve the strength of PLA and a third to function as a mold release in injection molding operation, said Edwin Tam, manager of new strategic initiatives for Teknor Apex, headquartered in Pawtucket, R.I.

According to Teknor Apex, its Terraloy 9000A masterbatch improves the impact resistance of PLA by a factor of ten to fifteen times in extruded tape samples.

The company said its Terraloy 9001 modifier increases the pull force that can be applied to PLA by three-to-five-fold and broadens the processing window of PLA in extrusion blow molding, blown film, cast film and sheet, and thermoforming.

Terraloy 9002A acts as a mold release in injection molding operations and as a release agent in cast film or sheet extrusion, according to Teknor Apex.


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