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At present, China’s textile industry is facing unprecedented challenges, China’s non-woven fabric and equipment, Town – Town, Changshu, Jiangsu branch of what? Recently, a special trip to visit the pond. Drove all the way from Jiangsu Changshu city to the sticks Town Ren Yang Industrial Park, during which there are numerous non-woven The plant, quickly passing from the eyes, deserves to be called as “China’s non-woven fabric and the device name the town”, but learn more details later, they felt a little uneasy.

”Road” situation seemingly at peace
Branch Town, Changshu City, Jiangsu Province, the Yangtze River Delta is located in the heart of town, an area of 128 square kilometers domain, under the jurisdiction of two district offices, 15 administrative villages, three community committees, a population of 73400. Branch Town has a long history, human and cultural resources, convenient transportation, commerce and trade developed, the national Ministry of Construction set 500, one of the key construction of small cities and towns of Jiangsu Provincial People’s Government established a new model 100, one of small cities and towns, as well as the coordinated development of environment and economy Model Town.

Non-woven machinery and equipment manufacturing and non-woven production is supported Town’s special products, and enjoys a high popularity. Since the early 20th century, 80 the first non-woven 115 needle machine Ren Yang agricultural machinery plant born, non-woven machinery and non-woven industries are springing up in this thriving and to continue the development of the surrounding towns. After 20 years of hard work, in order to support the formation of the current Town as the center of the non-woven industry cluster, the cluster contains more than 400 non-woven industrial enterprises with annual sales of 5.1 billion, a variety of non-woven production line machinery and equipment more than 550 Article annual output of over 250,000 tons non-woven fabrics, nonwoven machinery and non-woven fabrics production capacity, output of the national total respectively 60% and 30%. Products covering most parts of the country, especially the non-woven machinery and equipment manufacturing, is famous throughout the country, and exported to the U.S., France, Australia, Russia, Japan, Thailand, 20
Number of countries and regions, known as the “Hometown of China Nonwoven” and “China Nonwoven City.”

“Now is the enterprises with small scale; varieties, Famous less; to develop potential, promote the development of small power.” This is a non-woven industry in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province Chamber of Commerce, the Secretary-General Wu Yimin briefing summary.
Enterprises with small scale. Many companies, large and small, hundreds of homes, non-woven production lines 4,5 100, but almost did not attend a large-scale enterprises, the smallest for the 3,4 lines to buy individual partner is a business.
Varieties, Famous few. Types of production up to more than 100 kinds of non-woven fabrics, the major categories are included, but the bits and pieces, such as Eisai is only one production, but the products are the mainland road cargo, no one is brand. This is to enhance China’s non-woven fabric and equipment, the image of the town is undoubtedly hampered.
Development potential, the driving force to promote the development of small. Trajectory of development of the industry is a small investment, free development, low-grade products, low-price competition, making the industry at a low stage of development, the present Government has also recognized this problem, but because of various reasons, specific policies are not enough .
Visited several enterprises found that are basically for the apparel, textile areas supporting the production, belongs to the primary processing, and almost no deep-processing, let alone brand. And, because of numerous adverse factors together, making the industry environment is very depressed, so many companies would rather leave, do not dare to do a long list, aimed at reducing the advance funds to ensure the normal operation of financial chain.
Steadily to seek a breakthrough
Wu introduced the Secretary-General, there is no innovation can not be development, many enterprises have now been aware of this point. Upgrade products, improve the scientific and technological content, businesses are efforts. Production of non-woven equipment dragon Machinery Co., Ltd. in order to attach importance to product innovation to become a model for other enterprises, the enterprises spend a lot of money for research and development every year, and regularly send technical personnel abroad understand, learn advanced technologies; to produce automotive interiors based Jinding companies and to the OEM-based non-textile Co., Ltd. Haiyan also started to build its own brand products.
Non-woven Products Co., Ltd. Changshu ZTE was founded in 1999, now largely dominated by processing orders. Xu Qinglin, general manager of general, non-woven industry outlook is quite optimistic. Companies are now mainly garments, textile industry and to provide matching filter these products are almost all exports, but they are indirect export. While the yuan is settled, but because it is so complete, finished product is the U.S. dollar clearing business, so orders are also reduced, reduction in orders this year than last year by 20%. In order to reduce the same time, prices have also been held down low. In the new “Labor Contract Law” after the implementation of difficult recruitment problem has been troubling us. ”
It is understood that the challenge now Zhongxing Nonwoven Products Co., Ltd. is still doing the matching process, the most practical thing is the first company to survive. But this is not the long term, in the enterprise’s development is inseparable from the process of innovation, only innovation can achieve a greater development, and to promote the development of the entire industry.
With the gradual increase environmental standards, as a high-temperature industrial textile filter media are also the people pay attention to it. Over the past dust was apparently obsolete, replaced by would be a filter bag. Through the needle non-woven cloth filter bags made of high temperature, long life and good characteristics of dust effects, and now the company’s efforts in filter area, research and development of new indicators have markedly improved as compared with before. “To do non-woven deep-processed products, do non-woven finished products, the real profits into their own hands.” Can be said now Zhongxing Nonwoven Products Co., Ltd. is a steady development for breakthroughs.
As Xu Qinglin another identity – non-woven industry in Changshu City, Jiangsu Province Chamber of Commerce vice president, he was always thinking how to improve the overall level of the industry, and now through the chambers of commerce and colleges to do consulting for enterprises, through the university research developing new products, and small businesses to help businesses grow faster; the same time, through trade associations and other brothers and communication, access to the latest information, allow enterprises to keep abreast of information at home and abroad to help businesses better growth.

Help support
Due to lack of organization, lack of information guidelines, there is no systematic training in the absence of complete technical standards, many companies can increase production efficiency, but declined, resulting in disorderly competition and low-level building.
It is learned that, as the industry an important impetus for the development of local governments have also begun to actively cooperate with and promote all aspects. Branch Town Government to implement the scientific development, innovation and development, harmonious development of the approach and the non-woven industries and enterprises in the land, water, electricity, etc. have introduced incentives. Non-woven industries and enterprises in order to provide a more adequate scientific and technical information support, the current town government through the Government Information Network to provide enterprises with the corresponding products, market information, enabling businesses to grasp the market dynamics; the same time, support Town Government also plans to lead the enterprise person in charge off-site visits to enhance learning; in order to strengthen the regional brand of propaganda, the town government has a number of medium and large institutions have reached a preliminary cooperation intention, recently was preparing to engage in cooperation with the National Dong Hwa University-oriented campaign.

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