NSC Nonwovens launches in-line carding technology

NSC Nonwovens has launched a new card system for the dry laid production of nonwovens. The T.T Excelle card technology is said to consistently obtain MD/CD strength ratios under 3/1 at production speeds in excess of 250 m/min.

Following trials, the T.T Excelle card system has also shown improved bonding index values at increased production speeds, combined with a rise in CD strength of up to 80%. The card design is said to work the fibres more gently than other conventional cards, whilst low draft during the process preserves the web structure. Reduced fibre breakage ensures less need for maintenance and higher productivity, said NSC Nonwovens.

The company believes the T.T Excelle technology is also suitable for applications across the hygiene industry, which frequently uses ADL (acquisition layers). The card system is said to generate extra bulkiness when compared with conventional carding technologies.

According to NSC Nonwovens, with such fabric characteristics the market can expect lighter, extra strength nonwoven fabrics, which maintain current bulkiness standards.


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