Teijin to mass produce CFRP

Teijin has established the technology to mass produce carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) for the automobile industry, which can be moulded in less than a minute.

Conventional CFRP, manufactured using thermosetting resins, requires at least five minutes to be moulded and so has been limited to use in high-end vehicles, said Teijin.

As an alternative to conventional thermosetting resin, Teijin has also developed three new intermediate materials by impregnating carbon fibre with a thermoplastic resin.

These include a unidirectional intermediate, an isotropic intermediate designed to offer shape flexibility and multidirectional strength, and a long-fibre thermoplastic pellet suited for injection moulding of complex parts.

These intermediates can be made using various thermoplastic resins, including polypropylene and polyamide, selected depending on the required strength and cost of the part.

Additionally, Teijin has developed the technology to weld thermoplastic CFRP parts with materials such as steel, in order to reduce the use of metal in manufacturing processes. CFRP can be used as a substitute for components made conventionally with steel or aluminium, said Teijin.

To demonstrate this new technology, the company has designed an electric concept car featuring a cabin frame made entirely from thermoplastic CFRP. Weighing only 47kg, approximately one fifth the weight of a conventional cabin frame, the four-seat car is capable of speeds up to 60 km/hour and has a cruising range of 100 km.

Looking ahead, Teijin intends to develop mass production applications for CFRP in automobiles, as well as other items which require certain levels of structural strength, such as machine tools and industrial robots. The Teijin Group has identified automobiles and aircraft as one of its key growth markets.

On April 1, Teijin is to establish its new carbon fibres and composites business group, integrating its current carbon fibres and composite materials business units.

Source: Inteletex

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