Innventia opens nanocellulose pilot plant

Swedish manufacturer Innventia has opened the world’s first pilot plant for the large-scale production of nanocellulose.

Located in Stockholm, it is estimated the facility will produce 100kg of nanocellulose per day, a step towards the industrialisation of the process.

Whereas previously the production was found to be too energy-consuming to be commercialised, Innventia has reduced energy consumption by a total of 98%, a saving of 29,000 kWh per tonne.

Derived from wood fibres nanocellulose is a renewable, light weight material said to possess the strength characteristics of Kevlar.

Michael Ankerfors, research manager at Innventia, said: “With larger volumes, we can study the use of nanocellulose in applications that require more material. For a long time, there’s been a great deal of interest from the industry in utilising nanocellulose as a strengthening component in other materials, such as paper, composites and plastics.

“Now we begin to work towards the next step: the installation of a full scale process with a partner in the industry.”

Source: Inteletex

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