Eastex Products Introduces Waterproof, Breathable Medical Fabrics

Holbrook, Mass.-based Eastex Products Inc. — a supplier of textile products and solutions for healthcare and other markets — has introduced a line of waterproof, breathable fabrics for original equipment and contract manufacturers of healthcare products such as wheelchair cushions, mattresses and orthopedic braces.

Eastex Medical Fabrics are made of 100-percent polyester or polyester/nylon blends; are offered in several stretch and non-stretch versions; and may be customized with antimicrobial, flame-retardant and other coatings to meet product specifications. Thickness, weight, tensile strength, tear strength and other properties will differ depending on customization. The fabrics are airtight, making them suitable for manufacturing inflatable products, and may be sewn and then welded using sonic or radio frequency techniques.

Source: Textile World

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