Trevira Introduces Ingeo™ PLA Fibers For Nonwovens

Trevira GmbH — a Germany-based manufacturer of polyester fibers and filament yarns for apparel, home textiles, automotive, hygiene and technical applications — has introduced fibers made from Ingeo™ polylactide (PLA) biopolymer for nonwoven applications. PLA biopolymers are made from renewable plant compounds and offer a biodegradable alternative to petrochemical-based fibers. Trevira reports it has produced different versions of Ingeo fibers that are suitable for spunlace, wetlaid and carding applications, with end-uses including wet wipes, hygiene products and technical nonwovens. The company also plans to introduce a bicomponent fiber to its PLA product range.

In 2010, NatureWorks LLC — the Minnetonka, Minn.-based producer of Ingeo branded fibers — licensed Trevira to manufacture the fibers (See ” Trevira Licensed To Manufacture Ingeo™ Fibers,” www., July 20, 2010).

Source: Textile World

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