QuietLeigh™ Recycled Fibers Have Automotive, Construction Applications

Wellford, S.C.-based Leigh Fibers Inc., an ISO-certified reprocessor of fiber and textile by-products, reports its QuietLeigh™ recycled fibers for acoustical padding can be custom-blended for use in applications ranging from automotive components to building components such as ceiling tiles, and wall and ceiling insulation.

QuietLeigh comprises shoddy made from recycled denim and other textile waste that the company collects from post-industrial sources. In automotive applications, the shoddy can be used to provide acoustic insulation in floors, doors, speaker enclosures, closeout panels and package trays; and also can provide flame-retardant properties. Leigh Fibers custom-blends natural fibers to use in acoustic ceiling tile applications, and the company reports other blends may provide economical alternatives to conventional ceiling and wall insulation materials.

Leigh Fibers also reports that since its founding in 1912, it has diverted approximately 14 billion pounds of waste from landfills and reprocessed it for new uses. The company has a global supplier and customer base, and reprocesses the materials at facilities in South Carolina and Montreal.

Source: Textile World

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