SCA Continues Thin Diaper Roll Out In Europe

SCA is expanding distribution of a diaper that is being touted as drier, softer and thinner. The company first launched a thin diapers for retail brands in the Netherlands and has announced it will expand sales into many other European markets. 

Environmental concerns are important for the retail trade, said Johan Verhage, responsible for retail at SCA. “We want to be environmentally sound in a way that consumers actually understand, that means something and that applies to our entire range of products and not just to an environmental niche product.”


SCA is working to reduce the amount of material used in diapers and their carbon footprint, which is considered an important measure for environmental impact. 

As an example, SCA reduced the carbon footprint for its open baby diapers by an impressive 45% from 1987 to 2009. SCA is also looking at new alternative and renewable materials to replace some of the fossil-based materials in the future.


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