Delusterant boosts quality of polyester & nylon fibres

August 18, 2011 (UK)

ColorMatrix, a world leader in liquid polymer dispersion technology, has entered the carpet, textile and nonwovens industry with a new liquid delusterant for use in polyester and nylon fibre production. Mattenex, a TiO2-based technology, reduces the reflective appearance of bright nylon and polyester fibre in a variety of applications from carpet and textile apparel to nonwoven and automotive products. It is suited to both staple and continuous filament production and engineered for heavy and fine deniers.

Unlike alternative technologies, a single Mattenex formulation can achieve many different matting levels and can be supplied to feed multiple extrusion lines. This makes it a highly flexible system that is easy to use. The superior dispersion characteristics of the liquid Mattenex concentrate require lower loading rates – as low as 0.03% – to deliver an equivalent visual matting effect to solid delusterants.

“Liquid dispersion technology offers significant processing benefits for manufacturers and major qualitative advantages for end-users,” says Morag Girdwood, global brand and communications manager, ColorMatrix Group.

“During fibre production, dosing liquid polymers is much more accurate and achieves a far more consistent dispersion of the delusterant throughout the fibre. Liquid dispersion technology also enables considerable economic savings in terms of lower inventory costs; reduced energy use, maintenance and capital expenditure; plus cuts in waste. Fibres treated with liquid delusterants have an outstanding matt appearance which is highly desirable from both an aesthetic and a practical point of view.”

Mattenex is added at the feedthroat of the fibre extruder for optimal processing efficiency. Requiring only low addition rates, it is easy to handle and control, and guarantees consistency. Importantly, Mattenex also holds excellent tensile properties, equivalent to virgin polymer, ensuring the fibre retains its qualitative characteristics throughout subsequent production processes. Tests show dye update and fastness is better in fibre containing Mattenex than solid masterbatch additive.

“The use of Mattenex has huge potential in this sector,” adds Girdwood. “Its advantages over traditional technologies are very attractive for manufacturers who are under extreme pressure to offer the highest quality while streamlining their production processes and minimising overall costs.”

The ColorMatrix Group is a global innovator of advanced liquid performance additive, colorant and dosing technologies. The company takes a full service approach to helping its customers maximise their production efficiencies and improve the aesthetics and sustainability of their products.

The company was founded in 1972 and today employs over 500 people globally. Headquartered in Berea, Ohio, ColorMatrix has research, manufacturing and technical support facilities in Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia.

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