Ahlstrom to showcase new wallcoverings

Ahlstrom will present its revised Ahlstrom EasyLife product range at China Wallcovering Expo 2012, in Beijing, China this week.

The revised EasyLife product range will feature new embossable materials, offering additional 3D capabilities which will enhance the design possibilities in wall coverings. All new products have been developed sustainably to minimize their environmental impact. All Ahlstrom wall coverings use certified pulp and the materials conform to industry standards (CE and RAL). Recycled polyester is used in several new products and Ahlstrom is reducing the use of chemical binders through substitution with natural binders.

At the tradeshow, Ahlstrom, together with the China Wallcovering Association, will present a catwalk show, where models will be dressed in clothes made of wallcovering. This demonstrates the link wallcover has with fashion and illustrates the textile-like touch and aesthetic features of Ahlstrom EasyLife. Additionally, Ahlstrom and its Chinese partner, Shanghai East Star Environmental Inks, which is China’s leading supplier of water-based inks to the wallcovering industry, will introduce a “Certificate of Authenticity” which will enable customer wallcover collection books to be clearly identified as exclusively containing high performance Ahlstrom materials.

China is the biggest and fastest-growing market for premium wallcovering products. According to Strategic Analysis Inc., the demand for nonwoven-based premium wallcoverings will increase by an annual rate of 39% (CAGR) from 2010 to 2015. Ahlstrom is one of the leading suppliers of nonwoven substrates to China and the company has been present in the market for 10 years. Ahlstrom recently announced plans to invest €30 million in a new wallcover substrates production line at its Binzhou plant.


Source:  www.nonwovens-industry.com

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