Kelheim Fibres at the Hannover Messe 2012: A broad range of viscose speciality fibres for diverse applications

Kelheim Fibres presents its viscose speciality fibres at Hannover Messe for the first time. Fibres are one of the most important “materials for the future” and can already be found in countless applications in our daily lives – and this trend will continue to develop according to Sebastian Basel, Commercial Manager New Business at Kelheim Fibres. „While 50 years ago viscose fibres were mainly used for textiles and – later – for hygiene products, we now have a broad range of speciality fibres for the most varied industrial applications. Thanks to our in-house R&D team and our numerous pilot plants, we are able to meet the requirements of our customers in a most diverse range of application areas with tailor-made fibres. With more than 75 years of experience in developing and manufacturing viscose fibres we are well prepared for this demanding task. Today we even can provide fibres with additional functionalities which enhance the properties of the end product.“
Recently, Kelheim’s new developments have been focused on fibres for speciality paper applications such as security papers, filter papers or battery separators. But also liquid absorbing geotextiles or filters with ion exchange properties can benefit from the use of Kelheim’s specialities. This year’s Hannover Messe is a perfect opportunity for the general public to get to know the wide range of possible applications.

This year’s motto for the Hannover Messe – „greentelligence“ – suits Kelheim Fibres well: „Our fibres are made of 100% cellulose, a sustainable raw material, and they are therefore completely biodegradable.“, says Sebastian Basel. „At the same time, our fibres offer the consistency and regularity of an industrially processed product and they are exactly adapted to the requirements of the desired application. Our fibres combine the aspects „green“ and „intelligence“ perfectly.“

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