Dow Hygiene and Medical Focuses On Innovative Solutions That Address Current And Future Industry Trends And Market Needs

The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) today showcased its diverse and innovative product portfolio for the hygiene, medical and adjacent fiber markets at NPE2012. Dow’s key hygiene and medical product technology segments include back sheets, nonwoven fibers, elastic components, sealants, binders, additives and dispersants for use in diapers, wipes and other personal hygiene and certain medical end-use products.

With its global market focus, broad product offering and strong commitment to innovation, Dow Hygiene and Medical engages with customers and brand owners to help develop cost-efficient, innovative solutions that align with current and future industry trends as well as marketplace needs in both mature and emerging economies.

“We believe in innovation through collaboration with our customers and the value chain,” said Corey Walker, Global Director of Marketing for Dow Hygiene & Medical. “Dow is committed to meeting customer and brand owner needs by delivering innovative resins that offer the optimum combination of comfort, fit, softness, functionality and efficiency in absorbent hygiene and certain medical products.”

Dow Hygiene and Medical is a leading innovator of materials, from next generation back sheets to soft spunbond nonwovens to breakthrough breathable film technology. Specifically, Dow offers innovative products that address marketplace demands, including:

  • Comfort and fit
  • Cloth-like haptics and aesthetics
  • Skin health maintenance
  • Drapeability
  • Odor prevention and control
  • Liquid management
  • Tear and puncture resistant back sheets
  • Differentiated stretch and comfort in nonwovens, films and laminates
  • Processability and performance for converters
  • Purity and clarity of containers, caps and blow-fill-seal ampoules
  • Reduced bulk
  • Convenience
  • Opportunities to help improve human health

Today, one area of focus in Dow’s Hygiene and Medical innovation pipeline includes developing next generation fiber-grade resins that offer excellent softness, cloth-like feel and drape for ultimate comfort and fit in hygiene absorbent products. These materials are expected to be well suited for both mono-component and bi-component fiber applications and allow excellent processability for greater production efficiency. Dow is also focused on delivering soft polymers, additives and elastic materials that offer excellent comfort and body fit.

Dow also offers one of the broadest portfolios of solutions for laminate films, nonwoven articles and certain medical disposable product applications. Below is a partial list of Dow Hygiene and Medical products and their properties:

  • AFFINITY™Polyolefin Plastomers – Excellent adhesion at high and low temperatures, excellent processability and colorless formulations.
  • AMPLIFY™Functional Polymers – Offer a distinct range of properties and enhanced performance to compounding and polymer modification, adhesives, and tie layers.
  • ASPUN™Fiber Grade Resins – Good processability for converters and excellent cloth-like haptics for remarkable comfort. Due to their lower melting point, ASPUN resins are used for lamination and thermal bonding applications such as monocomponent or bicomponent fibers. ASPUN resins may also be used in meltblown technology.
  • ATTANE™Ultra Low Density Polyethylene Resins – Excellent drapability and softness for comfort and low noise for discreetness. These resins also offer excellent tear and puncture resistance.
  • DOW™ HEALTH+™Polymers – Meet the need for quality and consistency throughout the development, trials, qualifications, and commercialization of resin products for devices and packaging products in the healthcare industry.
  • DOW™LDPE Resins – Exceptional product consistency, supply reliability, and technical benefits that offer an opportunity for increased output rates and web stability.
  • DOWLEX™Linear Low Density Polyethylene Resins – The mainstay products in back sheet technology and have helped enable converters to downgauge without sacrificing overall performance, including excellent toughness as well as tear and puncture resistance.
  • ELITE™Enhanced Polyethylene Resins – A single material solution that combines properties of sealability and softness, high puncture resistance and processability, and high puncture resistance and stiffness.
  • ENGAGE™Polyolefin Elastomers – A distinct combination of flexibility, softness, adhesion, and resilience to hygiene applications.
  • HYPOD™Polyolefin Dispersions – Combines the performance of high-molecular-weight thermoplastics and elastomers with the application advantages of a high-solids waterborne dispersion.
  • INFUSE™Olefin Block Copolymers – Groundbreaking resins that offer a blend of flexibility, elasticity, toughness, haptics, and processability previously thought to be unattainable with olefin-based elastomers.
  • RHOPLEX™ ECONEXT™Technology Platform – Ultra-low formaldehyde binders that help companies make end-use nonwoven products with virtually undetectable levels of formaldehyde that meet new federal OSHA PEL standards.
  • VERSIFY™Plastomers & Elastomers – Exceptional elastic recovery, softness, low noise, and a broad bonding/heat seal window.

Dow Hygiene and Medical is also helping processors and brand owners work toward meeting their sustainability requirements by addressing the need to decrease product weight, reduce waste, improve energy efficiencies, promote better end-of-life options and find viable alternative material solutions through the use of renewable resources.

Dow’s theme at the NPE 2012 international plastics exposition is Stronger Together and focuses on the value of Dow and its customers and other key stakeholders collaborating on delivering the solutions of tomorrow. Dow is the exclusive corporate sponsor of the NPE2012 Technical Education Program and Technology Central. Dow is also the exclusive corporate underwriter of the Society of Plastics Engineers (SPE) ANTEC@ 2012, which is co-located with the NPE trade show.

Dow is a leading global supplier of essential and performance plastics, with highly productive and scalable operations feeding channels to market in almost 100 countries. It is the leading producer of polyethylene, the world’s most commonly used plastic. The Company’s Performance Plastics Division, formed in early 2011, is comprised of four businesses: Hygiene and Medical, Performance Packaging, Electrical & Telecommunications and Elastomers. Each business focuses on delivering high-value, market-driven solutions.

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