New oral hygiene applications for nonwovens

By  Tara Hounslea

IntelliDent, a division of E4 Technologies, has launched an antimicrobial toothbrush shield in pharmacies throughout the US. The disposable, breathable and fast drying Toothbrush Shield was designed to replace the plastic snap-on caps which the company says have been found to trap and breed bacteria.
Made from antimicrobial SMS nonwoven material that wicks away moisture from the toothbrush, the shield was found to provide a 99.9% effective barrier from bacterial and viral transfer of both airborne and surface microbial contact by laboratory tests. It is slit and ultrasonically welded to form a pocket for a toothbrush.
“Being a person on the go, I carry my toothbrush everywhere. I knew a plastic cap wouldn’t protect my toothbrush, but couldn’t find an alternative. I also knew I couldn’t be the only one facing this issue,” said Susan Klinsport, CEO of IntelliDent. “Inspired to find a solution, I invented the Toothbrush Shield. Now it’s easy to protect your toothbrush – traveling, at work, at home and everywhere in between.”
Ms Klinsport founded the company in 2010 to bring to market oral care products designed to make simple routines healthier.  The US-based Centers for Disease Control (CDC) strongly advises against storing toothbrushes in closed plastic containers, as the humid conditions are more conducive to bacterial growth.
The product was named as one of the five finalists of INDA’s Visionary award in January this year.



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