Sani Professional® Wins Innovation Award at World of Wipes Conference

WOWOrangeburg, NY, June 7, 2012 – Sani Professional® was awarded the top honor at the 2012 World of Wipes (WOW) International Conference for its new Table Turners®No-Rinse Sanitizing Wipes. The WOW International Conference, held June 5-7 in Chicago, IL, is sponsored by the INDA, a trade association representing the nonwoven fabrics industry since 1968. The WOW Innovation Award recognizes the most innovative advances within the nonwoven wipes marketplace.

TTSWTable Turners® clean and sanitize hard, non-porous food contact surfaces in one easy step. The pre-moistened, no-rinse sanitizing wipes effectively kill 99.999 percent of bacteria such as e.coli, staphyloccus aureus and shigella boydii in 60 seconds and also kill 99.9 percent of salmonella and kledsiella pnuemonae in five minutes. Each wipe is pre-measured to deliver approximately 175 ppm of quaternary ammonium chlorides, taking the human error out of hand mixing disinfectants. The wipes come in advanced Eco-Pak packaging for convenient use and save foodservice operators an average of 24 percent when compared with the use of towels and detergents.1


“We are proud to be recognized for our innovation and industry leadership. We are committed to reducing foodborne illness and cross-contamination by developing intuitive solutions for operators and working with them to support proper training and implementation,” said Matt Schiering, vice president and general manager, Sani Professional.

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), one out of six Americans gets sick from eating contaminated food and 93 percent of these food contamination/foodborne illnesses result from ill foodservice workers. The CDC estimates that even a 10 percent reduction in foodborne illness would keep five million Americs from getting sick each year.2

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Sani Professional® is a division of PDI, Inc., the global leader in the manufacture of single-use, non-woven wipes. Sani Professional® offers an array of disposable hand wipes, hard surface wipes and cleaning accessories that make commercial cleaning convenient, safe, cost efficient and environmentally friendly. It is a fast growing solutions provider for the cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting needs of food, industrial, healthcare, hospitality and other broader away-from-home operations. Committed to the prevention of community-acquired infections (CAI), Sani Professional offers products that are EPA-registered and food code compliant to meet food safety industry standards. For more information visit


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