Starlinger Open-House 2012: Celebrating 25 years of Starlinger Recycling Equipment

On June 18 and 19, 2012, Starlinger recycling technology is inviting players throughout the value chain of the plastics industry to celebrate 25 years of Starlinger recycling equipment. On this occasion an Open House with technical presentations and live test runs on the plastics recycling lines will be hosted at the factory premises in Weissenbach/ Triestingtal, Lower Austria.

The highlights: a recoSTAR PET 330 iV+ – currently the biggest PET bottle-to-bottle recycling line of its kind in the world – and a recoSTAR universal 165 VAC for film, fibre and nonwoven scrap recycling. The programme is rounded off with a dinner reception on the evening of June 18 on a trendy and unique boat restaurant in Vienna.

The event is an excellent opportunity for recycling experts, suppliers, customers and representatives from various economic sectors from all over the world to get first-hand impressions of the technology required for high-quality plastics recycling.

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