Kuraray launches Clapure nonwoven

By   Akira Yonenaga  Tue Dec 18 2012, 16:10 PM

Kuraray Living has launched a new brand of functional nonwoven fabrics called Clapure, which feature long-lasting insect control and antibacterial effectiveness.
Clapure is a propylene nonwoven fabric that incorporates within its fibres a slow-release oil in polymer emulsion (SROPE), proprietary pellets containing functional oil. SROPE disperses microscopic oil drops (ranging in size from several hundred nanometers to several micrometers) to maintain the original texture of nonwoven fabric.
The oil within Clapure’s fibres seeps out to provide long-lasting benefits.
Kuraray aims to expand the applications of Clapure into a diverse array of areas, ranging from standard household products to industrial uses. Its initial intended applications include garment bags, storage and foot care products, as well as packaging, agriculture, interior and apparel materials.
The company has a sales target in the initial fiscal year of ¥200 million.

Source:  ei.wtin.com

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