US Nonwoven Fabric Industry Research Report to 2016

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US demand to rise 5.6% annually through 2016

US demand for nonwovens is forecast to rise 5.6 percent per year to $7.4 billion in 2016, benefiting from an acceleration in area demand. In area terms, demand for nonwovens is expected to climb 2.2 percent per year to 34.3 billion square yards. Renewed economic growth, along with rising manufacturing output and rebounding construction activity, will provide opportunities for nonwovens. The best opportunities are in nondisposable applications such as roofing, house wrap, motor vehicles, and carpets and rugs. Further gains will be limited as the US represents a mature market for a number of disposable goods using nonwovens, including baby diapers. Competition from alternative materials will also prohibit nonwovens demand from expanding at a faster rate.

Disposable nonwovens to remain dominant market

Despite below average gains, disposable nonwovens markets will continue to account for nearly two-thirds of nonwoven demand through 2016. Consumer products will remain the largest disposable nonwoven market. Although growth will be restricted by below average advances in baby diaper and feminine hygiene markets, growth will be supported by gains in the adult incontinence market, which is buoyed by the aging US population. Demand in the filtration market will see the most rapid gains, as nonwovens continue to take market share from other materials such as paper and woven fabrics. Although the medical market for nonwovens is relatively mature, demand will benefit from the strengthening of surgical infection control safeguards, which will boost demand for single use nonwoven products.

Nondisposables to provide best growth opportunities

Nondisposables comprised 29 percent of nonwovens sales in 2011. Construction — the largest nondisposable market — will post above average gains, fueled by robust growth in residential construction, providing opportunities for nonwovens in house wraps. Carpets and rugs, and motor vehicles are also expected to achieve above average growth through 2016, partially due to an improvement in manufacturing output of these products as the US continues to recover from the 2007- 2009 recession. In addition, nonwovens in both of these outlets will benefit from increased market penetration at the expense of competing materials. In motor vehicles, nonwovens are finding greater use due to their ability to be made in lower basis weights without losing performance characteristics.

Spunmelt nonwovens to remain dominant segment

Spunmelt nonwovens (spunbonded and meltblown) will remain the largest product segment, accounting for nearly 60 percent of total value in 2016. Spunmelt owes its position to spunbonded’s widespread use in large markets such as baby diapers. Gains in spunbonded nonwovens will benefit from increased penetration of markets now served by competing nonwovens or other classes of materials. Meltblown nonwovens will benefit from greater use in the filtration market. However, further growth will be limited by meltblown’s relatively high cost, as well as performance disadvantages such as lower web strength when used as a single web structure. Carded nonwovens are the second largest product segment, accounting for roughly a quarter of total value in 2016. Spunlaced carded nonwovens will experience the best opportunities in markets such as personal care wipes and medical products, where consumer comfort is key.

Company Profiles

Profiles for US industry competitors such as DuPont, Freudenberg, Johns Manville, Kimberly-Clark, and Polymer Group

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Table of Contents


I. Executive Summary

II. Market Environment
General 4
Macroeconomic Environment 4
Manufacturing Outlook 7
Demographic Trends 11
Retail Sales 14
Textiles Outlook 17
Competitive Materials 19
Environmental & Regulatory Considerations 21
Historical Market Trends 23
Pricing Trends 26
World Nonwovens Market 28
Nonwovens Production 31
Foreign Trade 34
Exports 35
Imports 37

III. Materials
General 40
Fibers & Filaments 40
Polypropylene 44
Polyester 48
Wood Pulp 51
Polyethylene 53
Rayon 55
Cotton 58
Other 61
Glass 62
Nylon 64
All Other 65
Other Materials 68
Binder Resins 69
Additives 71

IV. Products
General 74
Demand by Web Formation Process 76
Spunmelt 79
Spunbonded 82
Characteristics 84
Markets & Suppliers 85
Meltblown 87
Characteristics 88
Markets & Suppliers 90
Carded 92
Characteristics 94
Markets & Suppliers 96
Wetlaid 97
Characteristics 99
Markets & Suppliers 100
Airlaid 102
Characteristics 103
Markets & Suppliers 105
Web Bonding Processes 106
Thermal 107
Heating Processes 107
Suppliers 109
Chemical 109
Mechanical 112
Needlepunching 112
Spunlacing 114
Stitchbonding 115

V. Market Overview

VI. Disposables Markets
General 121
Consumer 123
Personal Hygiene Products 125
Personal Hygiene Product Outlook 126
Nonwoven Fabric Demand 128
Infant Diapers & Training Pants 130
Adult Incontinence Products 133
Feminine Hygiene Products 135
Consumer Wipes 137
Consumer Wipes Outlook 137
Nonwoven Fabric Demand 141
Baby Wipes 144
Household Care Wipes 146
Personal Care Wipes 148
Other Consumer Wipes 150
Other Consumer Nonwovens 151
Filtration 152
Filters Outlook 153
Nonwoven Fabric Demand 155
Air Filters 158
Fluid Filters 160
Medical 162
Nonwoven Medical Garments & Textiles Outlook 163
Nonwoven Fabric Demand 165
Medical Gowns 168
Surgical Drapes 169
Health Care Wipes 170
Face Masks 172
Other Disposable Medical Garments & Textiles 172
Other Disposables 173
Industrial Wipes 174
Protective Apparel 175
All Other Disposables 177

VII. Nondisposables Markets
General 179
Electrical & Electronics 182
Batteries Outlook 183
Nonwoven Fabric Demand 184
Battery Separators 186
Other Electrical & Electronic 188
Construction 188
Construction Outlook 188
Nonwoven Fabric Demand 191
Geotextiles 193
Applications 195
Materials & Suppliers 196
Building Construction 197
Roofing 199
House Wrap & Other 200
Furnishings 202
Furniture Outlook 203
Nonwoven Fabric Demand 205
Mattresses 208
Other Furnishings 208
Motor Vehicles 209
Motor Vehicles Outlook 210
Nonwoven Fabric Demand 213
Carpets & Rugs 216
Carpet & Rug Outlook 217
Nonwoven Fabric Demand 219
Applications 220
Materials & Suppliers 222
Other Nondisposables 222
Agriculture 223
Coated & Laminated Substrates 224
Clothing 225
All Other Nondisposables 226

VIII. Industry Structure
General 228
Market Share 231
Competitive Strategies 237
Research & Development 240
Manufacturing 241
Marketing & Distribution 243
Acquisitions & Divestitures 245
Company Profiles 248
Ahlstrom Corporation 249
Albis SpA 253
American Felt & Filter Company Incorporated 255
Andrew Industries Limited 257
Avgol Limited 259
Barnhardt Manufacturing Company 260
Berkshire Hathaway Incorporated 262
BMP America, see Andrew Industries
Bondex, see Andrew Industries
Buckeye Technologies Incorporated 265
Building Materials Corporation of America 267
Carpenter Company 268
Colbond, see Low & Bonar
Color-Fi, see Formed Fiber Technologies
Companhia Providencia Industria e Comercio 270
Concert Industries, see Glatfelter (PH)
DuPont (EI) de Nemours 271
Emtex Incorporated 274
Fiberweb plc 275
First Quality Enterprises Incorporated 279
Fitesa, see Petropar
FitesaFiberweb, see Petropar
Formed Fiber Technologies Incorporated 281
Foss Manufacturing Company LLC 283
Freudenberg & Company KG 285
Georgia-Pacific, see Koch Industries
Glatfelter (PH) Company 289
Hof Textiles, see Textilgruppe Hof
Hollingsworth & Vose Company 290
Holm (Jacob) & Sons AG 293
Johns Manville, see Berkshire Hathaway
Kimberly-Clark Corporation 294
Koch Industries Incorporated 298
Lantor Advanced Materials Group 300
Low & Bonar plc 301
Lydall Incorporated 303
McAirlaid’s Vliestoffe GmbH & Company KG 306
Milliken & Company 307
National Nonwovens Incorporated 308
Owens Corning 311
Petropar SA 313
Polymer Group Incorporated 315
Precision Custom Coatings LLC 317
Precision Fabrics Group Incorporated 319
Propex Operating Company LLC 321
Royal Ten Cate NV 323
Sabee (R.) Company LLC 325
Shaw Industries, see Berkshire Hathaway
Southern Felt, see Andrew Industries
Suominen Corporation 327
Textilgruppe Hof AG 329
Toyobo Company Limited 330
US Nonwovens Corporation 332
Vita Group 333
Vita Nonwovens LLC 334

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List of Charts

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