Extrusion Group offers Turnkey Meltblown Solutions


Introducing GenA™ Meltbown Technology


GenA Meltblown Bank

GenA  Meltblown Bank


Equipment Options:

•  Meltblown tip replacements

•  Meltblown bank additions

•  Meltblown bank insertions

•  Complete turnkey Meltblown lines

•  Specialized or custom equipment designs and solutions






Features and Benefits:

•  Unique Die Design

          – Delivers outstanding Fiber Uniformity for both MD and CD  formation

          – Produces both Fine Fiber and Nano-Fiber

•  Higher Production Rates

          – Greater than 100kg/hr/m while maintaining Fiber Size and Quality

•  Rapid Die Tip Changes

          – < 30 minute die tip changes for improved Operating Efficiencies

Two GenA Meltblown Banks can fit into 1 SM"X"S - "X" space

Two GenA Meltblown Banks can fit into one SMXS – “X” space





•  Compact Design

  • Space saving size allows Inserting Multiple Dies into a single bank location








Advanced Engineering Delivers:

  • Higher Throughputs
  • Finer Fiber
  • Narrower Fiber Size Distribution
  • Improved Formation CD & MD – Delivers Higher Hydrohead Test
  • Rapid Die Change < 30 min
  • Longer Run Time Between Cleaning
  • Quicker Color or Resin Change


Advanced Design Fluid Model


Key Process Advantages:

•  Capable of  over 115 kg/m/hr  – for hygiene applications

•  Improved formation to deliver increased hydro-heads

•  No secondary air requirements

•  No die heating required


Is your old outdated Meltblown process getting the Hydrohead capabilities your customer demands for their Hygiene applications?


If not – Extrusion Group can help!


Extrusion Group’s Meltblown  Experience?

Extrusion Group’s team has been involved in the Design, Build, Start-up & Operation of over  90+ Meltblown Banks to date.



•  MB Only (1 die tip to 12 die tips)


•  >1000 mpm speeds

•  1/2m, 1m, 1.6m, 3.2m, 4.2m Up to 5.2m Widths



Extrusion Group’s Meltblown Process Capability:


MB Capabilities




Extrusion Group can deliver a process to meet your Meltblown material requirements.


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