Plant & Equipment

“Create the process you need by using the lowest capital investment in the shortest possible time.”


Extrusion Group can stretch capital investment impact by applying cutting-edge plastic processing expertise delivering Everything Nonwoven and Plastic™ from a single piece of equipment to a complete “Greenfield” facility.


Need an Equipment Expert(s)?

Extrusion Group stands ready to assist you with your Nonwovens manufacturing, development, or expansion projects. With the many years of combined experience, we can provide a wide range of services.

Everything Nonwovens and Plastric™

Our experiences include the design, installation, check-out, startup, operation and troubleshooting of nonwovens and plastic manufacturing equipment and processes, specializing in spunbond, meltblown, cast film, bonded carded web, air laid, hydrogentangling, lamination, bonding, needle punch, blow molding, injection molding, etc… .

We are proficient with AutoCAD, Solidworks and can perform fluid modeling using Star-CD, and finite element analysis using Algor.

Our Focus on Spinning…

We are familiar with the commercially available manufacturing lines to produce spunbond and meltblown, and can help you select the one(s) that best meet your needs. Moreover, we have sufficient experience to help you ensure that you get what you need, and don’t get what you don’t need.

If you’re already in production, and having issues with spinnerette or die tip life, then Extrusion Group can analyze your cleaning operations and make specific recommendations that will make real production improvements at modest cost.

Extrusion Group has the expertise to diagnose complex spinning and meltblown issues, and has the contacts within the industry to address those issues, always with an eye toward cost control and confidentiality.

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We also offer General Plant & Equipment Services:

  • Site Selection
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Design Reports
  • Cost – Value Analysis
  • Layouts
  • CE Marking Self Certification Program
  • Project Estimating
  • Process & Equipment Specifications
  • Project/Program Management
    (Scope – Budget – Schedule)


  • Safety Reviews
  • Design Oversight
  • Vendor Oversight
    – Specifications
    – Vendor Selection
    – Contract Negotiations
    – Equipment Check-outs
  • Construction Oversight
    – Specifications
    – Contractor Selection
    – Contract Negotiations
    – Schedule Creation & Management
    – Performance Evaluation
    – Installation Check-outs
  • Process & Equipment Start-up
    – Equipment Check-out
    – Process Verification to Specifications
    – Operation Management