Research, Development and Innovation

“Develop new, improved innovative  products that generate consumer value, satisfaction and market acceptance.”


Extrusion Group can help you:

  • Develop new innovative products and technologies
  • Optimize existing products and technologies
  • Perfect customer solutions delivering greater consumer satisfaction
  • Broadening market acceptance


Are you winning in the marketplace?

Winning in the marketplace of ideas, products and services  requires continually improving your current products and developing new products that “Wow” your customer and deliver real value.

Extrusion Group professionals can show you how to positively impact your business by using effective Research and Development approaches that will deliver true innovation, generating customer delight and broad acceptance in your markets.


Product solutions including Business Evaluation, Product Development, Specifications Definition, and Manufacturing Concepts and Design.


Material solutions including Development from Early Concept to Commercial Implementation through all Life Cycle stages.


Problem Solutions requiring technical understanding of macro/micro structures, physical properties, resin selection, fiber & film properties, interfacial bonding, and lamination.

–  Raw Material sourcing, supply, and vendor analysis.
–  Quality systems, test methods & specifications, safety assessments.
–  Product, materials, and converting optimization translation
–  IP strategy development

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Examples of Research Development and Innovation services:

Material Services:

– Resin Selection

– Nonwoven Fabrics

– Fiber Properties

– Physical Property Characteristic

– Structures (macro/micro)

– Bonding

– Laminates

– Test Methods & Specifications

– Quality Systems

– Product Safety Assessment

– Roll Winding/Handling,

– Packaging, Shipping/Logistics, Storage

– Sourcing, Supply and Vendor Analysis

– Converting Optimization

– Recycling

Product Services:

– Initial Product Concepts

– Testing and Evaluation

– Finished Product Design

– Product Roll-Out

See our Project List for Project Examples.